How to Play Boxing King – A Beginner’s Guide

Boxing King Slot Machine from JILI is the hottest on 2021. This is one of the two types of free games and both free spins and scatter are award. During the scatter phase, multipliers and combos of up to 5 rounds can be take if entering free spins. The players will realize that the King of Boxing slots has a Free spins symbol can help you to enter the game, the five pro scatters would assist you in activating the free spins mode. This offers the opportunity of having a big win, including Mega Win, Super win, Super Mega Big and milyon88.

The Boxing King has the highest bonus up to 2000x and a high volatility game. It is quite common as it has a typical 5X5 board and offers the opportunity for winning in exactly 88 ways. The payline of all symbols must be watch “from left to right”. Rule winning points=odds X. Players bet amount, only he highest amount pay line count.”

Boxing King Features

  • Wilds stack up continuously and win prizes non-stop
  • Rack up combos for high multipliers in Free Spins

Tips on How to Play

  1. Three symbols from 1 to the third reel, in betting line going off left-on-left are game winner cuts.
  2. Points earned? Multiplier x Player Bet.
  3. Thus, we can conclude that there are 88 pay lines.
  4. Only the top-scoring payline is paid.
  5. If game is not solve because of some error, the specifications shall be declare void to.

Combo Multier

  • They indicate the level of combo multiplier ranging from 2x, 3x, 5x ,6x and x8. Combo points earned every clear will be amplified according to the ongoing combo multiplier.
  • The multiplier of each spin’s clear starts at a factor x2 for the second.
  • The third clearing of any spin is per multiplied to x3.
  • Multiplier is increase x5 for the fourth clear on each spin
  • The multiplier is increase to x6 for the fifth clear in each spin.
  • On the sixth and further (or after any spin clear) multiplier is increase to last x8.
  • The combo multiplier will reset to x2 when the player does not win points and then start the next spin.

Boxing King Machine Free Spins

  • In case of a free game, if free spins is accrued during the present spinning roll, it will not be blown and thus would still remain there until no more blow offs are possible. The player will then earn more free games based on the number of symbols accrued.
  • It is then zero for the subsequent spins, five free spins for a total are available, but only one per each reel.
  • The number of symbols for free spins that the player collects is equal to how many games he or she wins.

The Machine Wild

  • Firstly, they can substitute any sign in the game, scatter and free spins.
  • In a regular game, Wild appears on the 3rd and 4th reels.
  • Wild is present on the 2nd, 3rd , 4th and fifth reels in free spins.

Machine Scatter

  1. The player enters a free spins if 3 or more Scatters appear.
  2. Points earned = Player bet x 2.
  3. Scatters do not appear during free games.
  4. Scatter x 3 = 8 rounds.
  5. Scatter x 4 = 12 rounds.
  6. Scatter x 5 = 20 rounds.

Boxing King Machine Payouts

The boxing king game is also quite appropriate for players with different budgets. Fund ratios will enable players to adjust the strategy for volatility rate. We know that with high volatility you will not bet quickly, but the reward can be better and low-performed, gives people frequent winnings though the profit amount is small.

Boxing King allows players to modify the volatility at any time and everywhere, giving them more chances of capturing big wins.

How to Win in Boxing King

Then you should not miss the boxing king online. Many full column wilds will be present, free spins end up earning you more rounds and multiplier bonus is given if the winning streak is continue. The more rounds there are, the greater is going to be your cumulative bonus.


In the end, the boxing king is an incredible slot world. It delivers a unique punch as it merges the high-energy world of boxing with the unpredictability of slot games. Their visuals bring players a championship fight, while their gameplay mechanics, particularly the increasing combo multipliers and standing free spins, give them excitement on multiple levels. The volatile nature of this game may keep players always on edge, but when the rewards are great enough, it is an investment risk worth taking.

Also the game design ensures that everyone can play easily. While the casino games is a bustling hive at Jbet88casino and Milyon88casino. It’s not even a simple slot game or rather, it is the title about of excitement and rewards.