How to Play Feng Shen in Slot Games

An online game named as Feng Shen in this case, is based on the characters developed and within 3 epic books from Chinese Mythological literature called Fengshen Yanyi. The game is play using the virtual coins and involve a player’s task to get as much power like other game players in order for him or her to be name as approve strong fighting force. Players embody various gods and goddesses who have individual abilities that are more powerful compare to the other. The game, therefore barred no one it cut across all manners of gamer with desktops and mobile devices.

Feng Shen

Brief History of Feng Shen

Changyou introduced Feng Shen in the gaming world is 2007. Pretty soon, the game rose to be popular in China and then it spread across other Southeast Asian countries. The game had a lot of updates and enhancements to make it exciting for players and it’s challenging for them.

How To Play Feng Shen

Enlisted below are a few tips that can get you rolling.

  • Open the hamburger menu to see the paytable, sound options and tips on how you can start playing the game.
  • Clicking on the dollar icon shows your betting value menu for setting bet amounts per spin, choosing a lower or higher denomination than currently selected. You can also choose to buy free game if you desire it so.
  • Press the spin button and your required amount will be play. Numerous games are also offer a system by the autospin button which is located next to an ordinary spin button to specify how many autospins you want.
  • Press fast forward button for turbo mode on reels, which can roll out your wins quicker, just like milyon88casino.

Feng Shen Bonus Features

Wild Symbols

The wild symbol is a Chinese artifact corresponding to the golden core. This symbol can act as any of the other symbols found in the game, barring only scatter or you can win more.

Scatter Symbols

Wilds can serve as the scatter symbols and initiate free spins bonus game. It is feature as a symbol of the ying and yang. Also if two up to anyone falls out during the same round anywhere on the reels, it brings about a payout jingle. If you are successful and bag five of them, your bankroll is 20 times.

Free Spins

In order to trigger free spins you should have at least three yin and yang characters aligned with each other . Once you achieve this, and use the bonus that gives 12 free spins.

Sticky Wilds

The moment the free spins have been activated, any wild symbol that occurs on a reel at this point will automatically become one.

Feng shen


It can be mention that the rules of Feng Shen are quite simple. Players fought battles to accumulate power by defeating other warriors. As in a war, players have to implement the talents and stratagems of his deity or those of others for fleecing one’s rivals before they strike back.


Feng Shen game is an interesting and hard online game that many players have been enjoying for several years. To be able to win the game, players should play calculated and tactful building up a group of gods and goddesses which could launch an attack at just the right moment. Using the right strategy and approach, players can build up a significant amount of power in order to be able to dominate other opponents within the game.

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