How to Play 7 UP 7 DOWN In Online Casino

7 up 7 down is fun and great game in online casino so dice game lovers can play it even without actual opponents. It is played by two dice, and the winning amount depends on the value of when the dice falled, above or equal to seven.

So if you love to play dice with your luck and win some money or lots of money, you can play 7 up 7 down. If you think that luck is on your side, then do not miss the chance to have fun and win, it doesn’t require knowledge of strategy and complex thoughts, you just have to rely on your luck and try it. If the result of a play matches to your bets, you win and if not, you lose.

7 up 7 down intro


You’ll begin this game with a bet on the options on the table using coins. Then the pair of dice will be shaken by the dealer using a dice jar. If the sum of the two dice is on your bet, you win.


  • The 7 Up 7 Down table has three betting options.
  • The three option includes below seven, higher than seven, and exact seven.
  • Before the two dice are rolled. Player must place their bets on the table.
  • Below seven (1,2,3,4,5,6) are known as Seven Down. If you won by Seven Down, the payout is 1x of your betting amount.
  • Numbers higher then seven (8,9,10,11,12) are known as Seven Up. If you won by Seven Up, the payout is 1x of your betting amount.
  • The number seven is called Lucky Seven. If you won by calling Lucky Seven bet, the payout is 4x the betting amount.
  • When you directly choose on the numbers at the table, the winning amounts would be more than 2x.
  • If the result of the two dice doesn’t have a clear result, either it lands on top of each other or by leaning against the jar, it will rolled again.


7 Up 7 Down dice game is exciting and played even without playmates so you must choose a trusted and reputable online casinos such as Jbet88 and Milyon88. Always be in control of making bets to prevent the possible outcomes when playing at casino or gambling sites.