How to Play Plinko – Guides and Strategy

In the game Plinko, players use circular chips to drop them down a board with rows of pegs until they hit in one of those slots at bottom part of the board. Plinko online casino is a virtual version of the game but even more stimulating.


Brief History of Plinko

1980s was when Plinko became popular on The Price is Right. Frank Wayne, the Producer brought Plinko to The Price is Right in 1983. The game is one of the most popular games in show because it is so well-known that casinos started to accommodate Plinko . Thus, due to the popularity of iGaming and online gaming in general. Many casinos nowadays provide an opportunity for their customers to play Plinko online.

Guides to play Plinko

Guess prices of various items to win chips
On The Price is Right , contestants begin the game of Plinko by winning their chips. A lot of Plinko chips allow you to get more prizes and money. You will be shown items and asked if you think the price of an item starts or ends with a certain digit. 1 chip for each digit you correctly guess.

Decide where to place a chip
When you have all of your chips, walk up to the stairs and stand over top of the Plinko board. Hold 1 of your chips above the board and in line with any one of the entry holes.

Drop your chip in the board’s top and do it again
Once you get properly line up with an entry slot drop the chip in. observe the chip drop and roll between bars until it hits a hole at the bottom of such board. Then repeat the process of selecting an entry slot, getting your chip align and dropping it in for all other chips.

Collect prizes for each slot
There are certain amounts of money label at the bottom slots. 1 bet each time you lose one of your chips into a particular slot, the amount that is displayed on this same location will be added to your total prize. But that is only if you land 1 of your chips on the 0 slot, then you do not get any extra money.

The Best Plinko Strategy

Play at High Risk
Try to bet small amounts, but only on red-colored line where the chances of winning are higher. There is a potential of zero multiplier that you may not get back, it its format in the way of future large accruals though; then you can pay off all amounts which were spent.

Play with Max Rows
Try to hit all rows at once, mixing them in a certain pattern or randomly. This will maintain the aggregate on balance, being close in range of multipliers losing and earning.

Play at Risk Level and Minimum Rows
In the structure of this strategy, play with minimal bet size and place wagers only on green line using smallest odds. This is this strategy that ensures you almost complete success as it shows you the bare minimum possible waste.

Mix and Match Strategy
This is a little of everything that was presented before. Attempt to shift tactics off of one another, including altering bet amounts and the lines that you betting on. In this way, you increase the likelihood of creating your own personal strategy that is suitable for yourself. For instance, you can set the maximum bet on the green line or a minimum bet on the red line.

Martingale Strategy
This is simply increasing your bets until an amount of big winning comes. The focus should be on the money you will spend for playing that game only.



It is advisable to send the ball through sides since this increases chances of landing on a high payout square.

You could also give it a try and drop your ball a couple of spaces off centre because the ball doesn’t fall in a straight line and you may get lucky deflections into high payout spot.

Furthermore, Try to alter the number of pegs so that your ball falls in lower corner slots at the bottom part of pyramid which are more profitable.


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