How to Play Money Coming – The Online Casinos Fun Game of Luck

Money Coming is a simple, yet fun online slot game. Players can get the chance to win real money by playing Money Coming slot games because it has the highest bonus multipliers. All players can have the opportunity to earn real money, a free demo mode is also provided for the new players to familiarize the mechanics of the game.

There are 3 regular and 1 extra reel as well as 1 payline. The list of basic symbols includes 0, 1, 5, 10, and double zero. As we mentioned before, there’s a special reel on the right side where can land in interesting rewards in case you create a winning combination on the payline. In this case, you can multiply your win by up to 10 times, get free respins, or get a chance to play the lucky wheel. This wheel can lead players to a big cash rewards.

Money Coming Intro

Rules of Money Coming Slot Game

  • The combination of digital marks are lined up from left to right and show winning points.
  • Blank space cannot affect the number of sequence.
  • Increasing the bets can unlock more game mechanics as well increase possible winning points.
  • If you win in Special Wheel, you will have a special effects of the corresponding symbols for the round.
  • You can possibly won again If the respin activated.
  • The Lucky Wheel always gives you a prize.
  • In any malfunctions happen that causes a game error, that round is invalid.
  • When the symbol of the Special Wheel lands on, corresponding special effect will be given and the front wheel has nothing to do to win the connect prize just like in other casino sites such as jbet88 and milyon888.

How To Win Money Coming Slot Game Jackpot

Money Coming slot Game is known for its excellent RTP, high bonuses, and owning the most Jackpot machines. Players can easily get satisfactory bonuses.

The player could also have a chance to play the Lucky Wheel and win.
Green SCATTER unlocked when you bet 5.
Red SCATTER unlocked when you bet 10.

Here’s the Money Coming slot machine multipliers:

  • 2X, 5X, 10X
  • Betting a 10 can unlocked 10X.
  • All Wheel Respin in Money Coming Slot Games: Free play for all left wheels.

Money Coming base game

Other online slots featured a two-dimensional playfield, this one has a single row of three symbol positions. There are couple of unusual aspects to play here too, a fourth reel contains multipliers only, a free re-spins, and a bonus scatter symbols. The main bonus round is Lucky Reel and displayed in the top of left side.

Respin Feature

If the blue respin token lands on the 4th reel, you will be given an additional free spin at the current round. This chance can land even on winning or non-winning spins.

Lucky Wheel

When you got the scatter, you will be given one more spin on the lucky wheel. This wheel guarantees prize every time you reach it, and the amounts are multiples of your current bet.


Money Coming is giving an excitement and roller coaster feeling to the players. A lot of online casino sites have this kind of slot game because of its unique mechanics, the multipliers and featured symbols to maximize small bets into big cash prizes.