Sabong – World of E-Sabong

Sabong is a popular betting game in the Philippines. Philipines has a long history of games and gambling. Gambling history in the Philippines is interesting as it is not just about the usual casino games and card games. There are a lot of gambling opportunities in the Philippines and one of them is the Sabong or Cockfight which takes place in an arena with two game cocks. With the advancement of technology, online gambling has become prevalent and has grown at a tremendous rate. Internet technology has brought accessibility to people and this allows people to bet on online sabong. Players now can participate and bet in Sabong matches while watching online sabong live  through online casino platforms.

Brief History of Sabong in the Philippines

The history of Sabong in the Philippines dates back thousands of years ago back to the early Spanish times. The exploration journey of Ferdinand Magellan brought cockfighting to the Philippines and it is well known as Sabong nowadays. The game has evolved and it has not become the national pastime in the country which thrives until today. It has been ingrained in the culture of the country and events are held across towns and cities in the Philippines.

Today you will notice Cockfight arenas along major highways across many towns in the Philippines. These arenas are constructed for the sole purpose of the game which also shows how popular the game is in the Philippines. In local towns, you may also see small venues usually called “Tupadas”. Tupadas host small Sabong matches but it is considers as illegal as its beyond the supervision of the governments. 

In sabong, two game cocks are placed in one arena, both game cocks will carry a blade called “Tari” which is attached to their legs. Blade placement can differ depending on the arrangement of the match. Just like in any other sport, there would be a referee which is called the “Sentesyador” who makes the call. The decision made by the sentesyador is final and cannot be subjected to appeal or complaints. In a traditional Sabong game, you make a bet on either of the game cocks, and the bets are collected by the “Kristo. This kind of arrangement has been practiced for decades and has been ingrained in Filipino culture.

Sabong Local

Sabong Impact in the Industry

The number of bettors in the Philippines has progressed at a tremendous rate and the industry has witnessed a significant shift. In the Philippines, the number of bettors has grown by 40% since the year 2020 which makes the Sabong the leader in the trend of modern gambling. The technological advancement and the digitalization of Sabong have reshaped the way enthusiasts and players engage with this traditional sport. The increase in online casino platforms has also increased the accessibility of the online sabong philippines market.

The online casino has reshaped how Sabong enthusiasts participate in the event. This allows them to watch and bet without physically going to venues that are usually located in different locations. The flexibility of virtual arenas has led to an increase of popularity which attracts a lot of bettors.

Betting in Sabong

Betting in this sport is a game of Luck, however, there are a few strategies and tricks that will surely help you increase the chance of winning. Winning every single game may not be possible but strategies will increase your chances. 

One of the great strategies you may implement is checking the record of the game cock. Check and select game cocks that have good track records, these are usually the crowd favorite and usually have a good breed and form. Before the match, the bookmaker also displays and announces the statistics of each game cocks. You may also study the gestures and forms of the game cocks. Gather as much information as needed and select a game cock that suits your preferences. 


The modern technologies have brought convenient ways for Sabong enthusiasts to participate in the philippines online sabong. Most online casino platforms like Royal888 offer interactive and straightforward features, offering live streaming and various betting options.